NetLimiter Pro 4.5 Full Version

is software that functions to control and limit the speed of download and upload on an application that is installed on your PC or laptop. You can monitor all applications that use an internet connection

and set the bandwidth for each application. With improvements to this latest version, the NetLimiter Pro Full program will display the application in realtime, so if there is a surge in excessive bandwidth, you will immediately know the cause and immediately overcome it.

We share this NetLimiter Pro Full complete with that will activate this software for free. So what are you waiting for, immediately download and install NetLimiter Pro Full Version right now.

Features Of NetLimiter

  • OS restart not needed. Install .NET 4.5 framework if missing.
  • Ability to limit bandwidth of applications, connections and filters.
  • Firewall rule to allow or block in / out connections. Option to ask the user what to do.
  • Monitoring of applications, network connections and filters.
  • Firewall and limit rule editor.
  • Filtering of network traffic.
  • NetLimiter client can connect to other machines running NetLimiter.
  • Long-term traffic statistics.
  • Priority rule to prioritize selected traffic using a simple interface.
  • Allow or deny the user to control or monitor NetLimiter.
  • Real-time traffic chart for selected applications, connections or filters.
  • Option to start / stop rule at given time.
  • Programatic access to NetLimiter functions.
  • Support for IP version 6 protocol.

What’s New in this Version:

  • This release primarily fixes a problem introduced in the last version, which on some systems caused early trial period expiration.

Bug Fixes:

  • Early trial period expiration on some systems.
  • Crash when sorting an application list in the Stats Manager.

New Features:

  • Improved Stats Manager UI.
  • Possibility of delete Whole Stats database in Stats Manager.

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