Trojan Killer Full Version is a software specifically designed to do the removal of dangerous malware that threatens your computer. This software is more specialized for those of you who have a computer that is always or often

connected to the internet. The types of malware here include adware (display advertisements or notifications that you don’t want but often appear when you are doing activities on a laptop computer), Spyware (This spyware is a program created to steal your personal data by storing information that you do through a keyboard or mouse, then the data is sent to the person who sent the spyware? This will be very dangerous if you often do buying and selling activities online. And many other types of dangerous malware.

After yesterday I shared loaris trojan remover full , maybe you are still not satisfied with the application, it’s time you try the latest  Trojan Killer Full Trojan . Protect your personal data and your computer immediately from malware threats. This software will immediately remove the malware before they start an invasion on your laptop computer.

As usual here I provide a patch to activate this application to become a full software version so that you will get all the premium features of this Full Trojan Killer and your computer will be maximally protected from the threat of various malware that is spread on the Internet.

System Requirements Trojan Killer Full Version

  • Internet Explorer 6 or newer
  • 256MB of RAM
  • 800MHz CPU
  • 50MB of free hard disk space
  • 800 × 600 screen resolution
  • Active Internet connection for database and product updates

Features of Trojan Killer Full Version

  • Has a powerful protector against potential risks when connecting to the Internet
  • Ultra high power distinction and identification of Trojans
  • Without the space and the amount of RAM and computer processing
  • Find a very high speed, which is included a strong core.
  • Remove, clean, and block if your file system is in trouble.
  • Memory strong identity and local drives

How to install

  1. Just install and use


Download link